Gwinnett County Code of Conduct Agreement

Participation in interscholastic athletic competitions is a privilege extended to the students by the Board of Education. Students participating in Georgia High School Association (GHSA) extracurricular athletic activities act as representatives of Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS). All students are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner as to meet the highest standards of GCPS at all times.

The Code of Conduct is designed to establish high expectations and standards for all students participating in GHSA sanctioned athletic activities. All students, parents, and coaches understand that the top priority is academic achievement. The Code of Conduct establishes high expectations regarding behavior and consistent consequences when violations occur.

The Code of Conduct goes into effect on the first day a student joins a GCPS high school athletic team. The Code remains in effect for the entire calendar year, including time when school is not in session.

The offenses and consequences listed below are in addition to (not in lieu of) any school or criminal consequences associated with the student misconduct.

 All consequences listed in this Code of Conduct are minimum standards. The coach has the discretion to set consequences over and above the minimum standards.