The BWC Competition schedule will be announced soon and will be communicated via Bronco Wrestling Club Web page.

We will host dual meets throughout the season at BHS. Typically, once every other week on a practice night. In addition, a modified USA tournament event schedule will be created for our Club leading up to the State Championships series.

BWC wrestlers should plan to attend the tournaments we schedule as a team and strive for the State Championships at the end of the season. Every Champion once started as a beginner! 

Every match is a building block to the podium our wrestlers will soon stand tall on. Competitions will not only allow your wrestler to get the best experience of the sport, but also help your wrestler set goals along side their coaches. 

Tournaments are $15-$20 each entered. Tournament registration closes at 10pm on the Thursday preceding the tournament. 

Traditional Tournaments are typically held on Saturdays. Elementary age compete in the Mornings 7am-11am and Middle School wrestlers compete from noon-4pm.

Beginner(2yrs or less exp.)Traditional Tournaments are held on Sunday afternoons.

For more information regarding USA Tournaments, age/weight divisions, how to register for USA event,  event schedule, etc visit team Georgia wrestling by clicking here


  • A Traditional Tournament is typically a double elimination bracket format put together with competitors from other programs  in the same age and weight division.
  • A Dual Tournament is  a type of wrestling competition that pits the best wrestlers at each weight class from one team against the best representatives from another. Generally speaking, the team score at a dual meet is determined by the outcome of every individual match that was wrestled.

*Wrestlers gain valuable development through individual and team competitions. Few sports offer both of these character building experiences.