How To Purchase USA Membership

. To purchase a card go to

  1. Create an account 

  2. Select “folkstyle” as the type of wrestling 

  3. Register your membership under our club name; Brookwood Broncos Wrestling Club (BBWC).
  4. Once you have completed paying for the card, please save the registration info, and print out 2 copies of the USA Wrestling 
Membership Card. Please keep a copy in your wallet. Your USA wrestling membership ID# will be needed for BBWC registration and tournament registration. If your child does not have a current membership card, they cannot participate in practice or ANY USA Wrestling tournament. 


If you are looking for information on:

  • Tournament Start Times
  • How to Register for a Tournament
  • Essential Items to bring to a Tournament
  • How to read a Bracket
  • Weigh in procedures
  • Standard Admission Rate

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