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Weight Certifications

By chris cicora, 10/10/18, 10:45AM EDT


The GHSA requires that all wrestlers participate in the weight certification process prior to competition. Our scheduled testing date October 13th at 8:30am. We will leave by bus at 8:00am from BHS  to the testing site, Sports Med South. and will return by 11:00am. The test will determine the lowest allowable weight class for each wrestler based on their BMI. This does not necessarily mean the wrestler must wrestle the lowest weight determined but they must adhere to the decent plan provided by the OPC if they choose to wrestle at a lower weight. The goal of the program is to prevent unhealthy weight descension and monitor all weight loss practices. Please make every effort to attend on this date as make ups can conflict with practice and or school. The wrestler must bring $10 cash for the exam and the Profile Form.If a wrestler needs to meet us at the site to expedite the process they can, but must notify the Head Coach.


· Start hydrating now. At least 1 gallon a day leading up to the test

· No caffeine or carbonated drinks leading up to the test...H2o only

· Test day..empty bladder in AM no binge drinking or large breakfast before the test


· When you arrive at testing site wrestlers will be tested for hydration. If they pass the hydration portion they will move on to the BMI section test completion

· Test must be taken in boxer shorts/shorts and tank top/light shirt.

· If a wrestlers does not pass hydration section their test will be invalid. They will be required to pay $10 again and test on a scheduled make up day

Make up TBA at a later date.